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It's more than grant seeking and proposal writing: It's about those you help every day. And what they need. We ask the tough questions that will help you to create programs that get funded, stay funded and are aligned with your mission. For more than 35 years, we've trained more than 115,000 nonprofit leaders on the front lines, committed to making a difference in their communities. We welcome you to join us.

Alumni of The Grantsmanship Center who learned about proposal writing.

The Grantsmanship Training Program® was the first grants training ever offered. Designed for both the novice and the experienced grantseeker, this intensive 5-day workshop combines expert instruction with practical exercises to take you step-by-step through all the stages of planning programs, locating funding sources, and writing grant proposals. Participants' current needs and programs are the basis of all class research and proposal writing exercises. Graduates of this workshop also receive a full year of membership services, which include access to online funding databases, discounts on publications, a proposal review by your trainer, and more.

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Social Enterprise for Nonprofits is an intensive two-day workshop that teaches nonprofits how to develop or expand unrestricted income through business ventures. Income earned through business ventures increases organizational stability and sustainability, which can be essential in winning grants and securing major gifts. Participants learn to do market research, assess organizational readiness, conduct feasibility testing, and draft business plans..

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Funding for research requires more than innovative ideas and research skills. When seeking grant support, the researcher must also articulate the significance of the proposed research and demonstrate knowledge about the field of interest in a grant proposal that will be convincing to reviewers.

The Research Proposal Workshop offered by The Grantsmanship Center focuses on the process of communicating the key elements of successful research proposals to the reviewer and the funding agency. Topics include structuring research aims and significance statements, means of accomplishing and evaluating the research, abstracts, information about the researcher, and the process of submitting the proposal to potential grantmakers.

The Research Proposal Workshop was designed to be most beneficial for faculty and post-doctoral fellows working in science, social sciences and humanities.

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Each year, the federal government provides thousands of grants to state, local, and tribal governments, public institutions, private nonprofit organizations, and other groups. But to win these grants, applicants must understand the federal grants process and know how to position themselves to compete.

Today’s shrinking federal budget is making the competition red hot. So whether you work for a state or local agency, an educational institution, or a private non-profit organization, if your programs rely on or could benefit from federal funding, now is the time to sharpen your competitive edge. You can do this in just five days. The Grantsmanship Center’s Competing for Federal Grants training will hone your skills and give you the advantage you need to compete at the national level.

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If you want to improve your ability to win grants, you'll want

  • fast, effective training to help you master the most critical skills for success...
  • expert coaching from the people who set the gold standard for grants training and continue to lead the field...
  • training that makes the absolute best use of your limited time.
That's exactly what Essential Grant Skills, a new 2-day workshop from The Grantsmanship Centersm, delivers.

You'll get

an overview of the entire grants process, with in-depth emphasis on the key areas where even experienced grant professionals often stumble. Knowing how to identify and overcome these hurdles is crucial to your success.

Essential Grant Skills is interactive and includes practical exercises. In this workshop, as in all our training programs, we use our Listen & Discuss, Do & Reviewsm curriculum, because it works!

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